Surfing and Stand up Paddle Boarding in Waikiki, Hawaii

Surfing and Stand up Paddle Boarding in Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii: The Birthplace of Surf and SUP

Surfing is an enjoyable sport. It has been an outdoor activity for a long time.

There’s no specific record of when surfing became a sport. It is known that during the 15th century, queens, kings, and people of the Sandwich Isles were big into the sport of “he’enalu” or wave-sliding, in old Hawaiian.

The Hawaiian Islands are the birthplace of big wave Surfing. Waikiki Beach is not just one of the most famous beaches in the Hawaii, but also one of the most recognized beaches and surf spots in the world.

Surfing and SUP at Waikiki, HI
There’s a little something for everyone at Waikiki

Waikiki Climate

With its warm and relaxing trade winds blowing from the northeast, gentle temperatures, and sunny skies, Hawaii is a suitable destination throughout the year. While there are slight fluctuations, the normal ocean temperature is in the high 70’s.

The Winter offers some of the more calm seas as the big swells out of the northwest are shaded by the northern half of the island. Summer offers some more sizable surf with swells coming from the south. Either way, Waikiki offers manageable surf for surfers and paddlers of all skill levels.

Waikiki Break

Publics is an exciting un-crowded break that is found just east of queens and Canoes on Oahu’s south shore.

The wave breaks eventually left in a very consistent and easy to predict way due to the shape of the coral. This coral, on the other hand, makes it a hazardous spot for newbies.

During low tide it begins to peak out of the water and can lead to some pretty vicious cuts and wounds if you’re not careful

On a pleasant day, you’ll love awesome long rides that can bring you up to 100 meters back to shore.

No matter if you prefer a surfboard or an inflatable stand up paddle board, you’re experienced or a first-timer, Waikiki has a variety of breaks that fit all abilities.

Best Beaches near Waikiki

If you’re having problems finding a place to lay your towel down (it can get crowded!) on Waikiki beach, consider the following nearby beaches instead:

  • San Souci Beach and the Natatorium, a War memorial, is located between the Waikiki Aquarium and the New Otani Hotel.
  • Diamond Head Beach, based near Diamond Head,
  • Kahala Beach, which is actually Wai’alae Seaside Park, is a preferred beach for weddings and photo shoots.
  • Ala Moana Beach Park area across the street from Ala Moana shopping Center.
  • Kailua Beach merely over the hill from Waikiki.

Preferred Gear for SurfingWaikiki Surfing and SUP

  • Surfboard: The surfboard is an essential piece that you’ll need and it speaks for itself.
  • Wetsuits: If you would like to surf all season long and the temperature is too cold for boardshorts, then you’ll need a wetsuit.
  • Leashes: The surfboard leash is helpful to attach your board to your leg, making certain that after falling off you don’t need to go swimming back to the beach to retrieve your board.
  • Surfboard Fins: Fins are connected to the base of the surfboard and help keep the board on the wave. There are actually two primary types: removable or permanent
  • Boardbags: Keep your board protected and ding-free when it’s being stored or transferred. There are three primary types: a sock, a soft board bag, a hard case

Not a surfer? Why not SUP?

If surfing isn’t your thing, but sliding over the water still seems like fun, take up paddle boarding.  It’s simple to start with and lots of fun! In stand up paddle boarding riders stand straight on broader, longer boards and use a paddle to move.

Perfect as a core muscle exercise, stand up paddle boarding is usually used for fitness rather than for riding waves.

If you don’t have a paddle board, there are plenty of places you can rent one. Either way, it’s highly recommended you take some lessons for both your safety and for the safety of others out on the break.

There’s More to Explore

Waikiki, HI has a ton to offer. Take a look at this virtual tour provided by Jacek Zarzycki.

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