Experienced Surfers Only: Cloudbreak in Tavarua, Fiji

Experienced Surfers Only: Cloudbreak in Tavarua, Fiji

Cloudbreak in Tavarua, Fiji-Location, Climate, Water Temp and Best Time to Visit

Tavarua, Fiji spans an area of approximately twenty-nine acres and is situated close to the main Fijian island, Viti Levu. The island resort of Tavarua is shaped like a heart and surrounded, being surrounded by the ocean, offers wide variety of outdoor and water activities for visitors. This area has a wet season and dry season with a tropical climate. During the winder season (April through October), low pressure systems in the Southern Hemisphere ignite consistent swells from 8 to 10 feet high. During this time tourists flock to Cloudbreak, one of the best surf breaks in the world.

During the summer season, which lasts from the months of November through April, the swells will have shorter duration that spans from one to three days. The trade winds are light, and is much hotter so you can expect to get a few afternoon showers. The water temperatures in this area range from 70 degrees to 90 degrees offering warm water for the surfers, scuba divers, swimmers, boating events and more. The surfing breaks are only open to expert and intermediate surfers who have been trained and have experience. This is because of the reefs which are plentiful in the area.

What to expect at Tavarua?

The island of Tavarua, FijiWhile it may look serene and peaceful, Tavarua is home to the Big Wave Awards where experienced surfers compete. There are seven surf breaks and Cloudbreak is the most famous of the surrounding waves because it is the most powerful, a mile off the island that breaks over coral reef. The other surf breaks include Restaurants, Tavarua Rights, Swimming Pools, Namotu Left, Wilkes Pass, and Desperations, and these waves are all considered to be world class waves. Kiddieland is a designated place for learning or beginner surfers and it is located in the front of the island where there are in reefs.

Short Boards

Surfing Gear that is required for surfers include surfboards, wet-suits or dry suits, long boards, short-boards, leashes, board bags, surfboard fins, board shorts, surfboard wax, deck grip and traction. The modern surfboard is light and strong, handmade by professional shapers out of foam and finished with a fiberglass coat. A short board is 5 ft+ Pitching and the ave conditions are one of the best reasons to shortboard. Shortboards work well inside of barrels. Every surfboard offers a new style and the shortboard offers a few. Shortboarding is one part of surfing that really opens itself up to competition. Shortboards are made for high performance surfing, shortboards typically are built with lightness. On land, the shortboard is easier to store, maneuver and transport. they are also less expensive.

Long Boards

When buying a surfboard you should make sure the board will be a good fit for your surfing. Longboards are 2 ft and rolling and wave conditions are one of the best reasons to ride a specific type of board. You can walk up the front of the long board. A long board offers surfers more surf riding days. Longboards are great for beginners and that is because of the ease of catching waves on one.

Nearby Beaches

The Fiji there are many beautiful beaches that offer breathtaking natural scenic views and these beaches include Castaway Island, Honeymoon Beach, Horseshoe Bay, Liku Beach, Namale Private Beach, Natadola Beach, Seagrass Bay, Yasawa Island Beaches, Vomo Island and Mana Island. These stunning beaches and coral gardens stretch for miles. There are remote beaches and grasslands.


This Surf is HEAVY

Watch Isei Tokovou ride this BOMB at Cloudbreak which ended up being a 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry in the XXL Big Wave Awards.

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