Superbanks, Gold Coast, Australia: Man Made Paradise

Superbanks, Gold Coast, Australia: Man Made Paradise

When life suffocates within the cobwebs of hectic schedules and tiring work and you just want to break free from everything to do something exciting, then surfing might be the exact sport for you! It is perhaps, one of the most exhilarating experiences that can enliven you up with even more zeal and energy. True traveler souls love to surf especially those who love adventure in their lives. Amongst the surfing spots throughout the globe, Gold Coast in Australia is one of the most popular paradises of the surfing-lovers. So, let us dive deep into the world of surfing Superbanks in Gold Coast, Australia.

Gold Coast Surfing

The main surf break in Gold Coast, Australia is Superbanks, which actually consists of four breaks: Snapper Rocks, Green mount, Little Marley and Kirra. It is known to offer one of the longest waves of the world starting from Snapper Rocks and breaks all the way through Kirra via multiple sections sections! In fact, the break at Snapper Rocks is so great that it was the first stop in this years World Surf League Championship Tour.

While we’re on the subject, let’s check out the latest surf forecast for Snapper Rocks:

There are varieties of waves to explore here. The most powerful and popular of them are the man-made SuperBanks point break waves. Known to be extremely furious sometimes, you really need to be strong while surfing them. For the regular surfers or even for a newbie, the general long-boards or short-boards are enough to get along in the groundswell days. The surfing schools will provide the same for the learners here. In addition, the outfits required to go for surfing are usually wetsuits or spring-suits, preferably short-sleeved and short-armed.

What is so exclusive about surfing Superbanks?

Surfing Superbanks in Gold Coast, Australia is a blissful experience for anyone who ever gets a taste of it due to the warm turquoise waters, dependable surf, extensively patrolled beaches surrounding the Superbanks and the stimulating point breaks. It is one of the premiere surf spots in the world offering a variety of wave types for surfers of all experience levels. The awesomeness of this wave attracts hundreds of locals and toursists alike and the break can get very crowded.

Gold Coast Climate

Overall, it has a sub-tropical climate but remember, if you’re coming from the northern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed so plan accordingly.  Here’s what you can expect temperature wise:

  • Summer (December to February): Average between 69 – 82 (21-28) degree Celsius and a high humidity.
  • Autumn (March to May): Generally temperature lies between 64 – 79 (18-26) degree Celsius, although comparatively warm water temperature.
  • Winter (June-August): Plain skies and temperature within 53 – 71 (12-21) degree Celsius.
  • Spring (September to November): Gentle tropical weather with temperature ranging from 60-77 (16-25) 16.9 degree Celsius to 25.4 degree Celsius.

Best beaches and attractions around the Superbanks

You should check out the following to make the most of the Gold Coast surfing in Australia:

The Other Side (TOS): Also known as the South Stradbroke Island or the South Straddle, this terrific point-break is only recommended for the experienced surfers.

Duran bah: Also known as the D-Bah by the locals, it is the absolute surfing space to try out all the surfing tricks.

In addition, The Spit, Main Beach, Narrow-neck, Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach and Tugan are some of the other beaches that you must hit. Blended with the unfailing waves and awesome weather, the Gold Coast remains the best place to surf for both the skilled surfers as well as the learners.

So, just plan a holiday and go surfing in the Superbanks in Gold Coast, Australia!

Image Credit: Shumpei Sano

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