Surfing Lima, Peru

Surfing Lima, Peru

The Complete Guide to Surfing and Paddle Boarding in Lima, Peru

If you love the rush of adrenaline down your veins and if you are not afraid of those large waves, you have to experience the fun of surfing on the beaches of Lima in Peru. You would be delighted to know that in Lima some of the longest waves in the world await your arrival, some of them going miles long!

Where to get the beat breaks?

As you plan surfing in Lima, you would get more than a dozen points to surf. Short waves, long waves, rocky bottoms, shore breaks, point breaks, or beach breaks, you think of any type of wave and you get it here in the beaches of Lima in Peru. If you are looking for the best break in Lima, you have to surf at the La Herradura beach which happens to be in a horseshoe bay in the district of Chorrillos. This breakpoint is only recommended for advanced surfers and is not to be explored by leisure surfers at all.

Below is the latest surf forecast for La Herradura:

Some of the other popular breakpoints in and around Lima are Caballeros Beach and the Pico Alto Beach in the district of Punta Hermosa, Cerro Azul Beach that is ideal for all types of surfers, Costa Verdes Beach that offers lefts perfect for leisure surfers and beginners, La Ensenada Beach in the district of San Bartolo, La Playita Beach and the Puerto Viejo Beach, just to name a few.

The climate and the water temperature

While surfing in Lima you would not have to worry about the climate at all. It hardly rains in this part of the country and that makes it stay dry all round the year. Winters are cooler and you can expect some foggy beaches during the months July and August.

peru has some of the long left surf breaks in the world
Peru has some of the longest lefts in the world!

It is during this time that the water temperature drops to about 61° F (16° C). During the summer months you can expect the temperature of the water to range from 68° F to 72° F (20° C to 22° C). It may not be as cold as the beaches of California, but it is certainly worth wearing a 3/2 mm wetsuit during the months of June to September.

Best time to visit

If you want to visit Peru with the intention of surfing in Lima, the best time to do so is during
winters that prevail from the months of May to October. That is the time when the swell of the water is at its max, and the air temperature is very soothing as well.

Suggested gear

The type of surfboard that you need to use in Lima would depend largely on the beach that you choose for yourself. However, unless you are hitting the waves in Pico Alto you would not need anything bigger than the 8-foot boards.

As for the wetsuits, you would just be fine with short sleeves during the spring and the fall. However if you plan to surf too early or too late in the evening, you may want to put on some long sleeve wetsuits. During winters, 3/2mm full suits are ideal. It is not so cold down there that you would need to get a 4/3 mm or 5/3 mm wetsuit.

Nearby beaches and breaks

Some of the other surfing spots near Lima include the Triangulo beach, Ala Moana beach, Laniakea beach, and Barranquito beach, just to name a few. You need to remember one thing – Peru is the home of the longest waves in the world, hence, getting the best breaks here is not a matter of concern at all.

For more coverage on surfing in Peru, you should check out Team Surf Peru. Here’s an awesome video from them showing some of the heavy surf in Lima, Peru.

Image Credits: Geraint Rowland, Jonathan

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